The State utilizes a tool called the BASIS assessment.

BASIS stands for Basic Assessment and Services Information System.

This tool was developed by the State of Kansas to determine the level of funding a person is able to receive for HCBS IDD services.

The BASIS includes an information section which includes your name, address, guardian information, etc., and an assessment section which includes information about your medical conditions, mobility, cognitive abilities, adaptive abilities, etc.

Each BASIS assessment returns a value from 0-5 called a Tier score.

A Tier score between 1 and 5 means you are functionally eligible for HCBS IDD waiver funding.

A Tier Score of 0 means you are ineligible for waiver funding.

If you are eligible for funding this assessment is what ultimately gets you placed onto the statewide waiting list and is completed only after you are determined program eligible for IDD services. Once you are receiving services it gets completed on an annual basis.