Understanding KanCare



KanCare is Kansas Medicaid.

Medicaid is what funds HCBS. That means in order to receive funding you not only need to meet the IDD waiver requirements but also the KanCare financial eligibility requirements, which is a separate process. However, you do not have to have KanCare in order to get onto the waiting list.

The State of Kansas has contracted with three different health insurance providers to provide all Medicaid services. The three Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) are: 
•    Atena
•    Sunflower
•    United Healthcare

sunflower health plan
United Healthcare

When you first apply for KanCare you will be asked to select one of the three MCOs. Once you are on the IDD waiver the MCO authorizes the specific services you want by completing a Needs Assessment and a Person Centered Service Plan.

Since KanCare is also health insurance, the MCOs contract with many different health providers. If you are unhappy with your selected MCO you may choose a new one at the time of the annual open enrollment or you may contact the KanCare Ombudsman by visiting https://www.kancare.ks.gov/kancare-ombudsman-office or calling 1-855-643-8180.